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Learn why (and how) leading brands are focusing on building a restaurant tech stack that digitizes every transaction, captures more data, and grows guest lifetime value.


Connect third-party marketplaces to your digital platform to make order management easier.

Use Rails to synchronize menus, pricing, location data, and item availability between restaurant systems and third-party sites so you can streamline operations through a single integration.

Integrate with all major marketplaces
Two-way data synchronization
Powerful analytics to track growth
Prevent loss and missed orders
Rails features

Drive incremental revenue

Maximize revenue based on commission rates, kitchen capacity, and other brand-specific needs by integrating all online orders through a single digital commerce engine.

Adjust menu pricing to maintain margins

Easily add marketplaces to expand reach

Standardize the order handoff process

Track sales and error data to optimize operations

Synchronize your menu and pricing

Take advantage of dozens of settings right from your dashboard. Make near real-time menu changes for a single location or in bulk, and ensure guests receive accurate price and location information no matter where they choose to order.

All of your orders,
one place

Gone are the days of juggling multiple tablets and manually entering marketplace orders into the POS. Manage and control all digital orders—regardless of their origin—from a single location to sync operations and boost efficiency.

No manual entry

Improved order accuracy

Easy to train

More control and less stress for staff

Leverage powerful insights

Access near real-time sales and error data by location and marketplace to track performance and optimize operations. Plus, compare marketplace order volumes to direct orders from your website or app.

Customers who use Rails

Orders from several internal and external channels are now easily manageable on Expo. With Host, we’ve simplified the process of welcoming guests and optimized our operations to run as smoothly as possible.
The speed to market and the true partnership that we’ve fostered over this short time have made Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s digitally relevant. As we look toward the future and define our roadmap, we can count on Olo.
Olo solved several pain points, including multiple third-party tablets and order management issues, while also streamlining operations, allowing us to own our guest relationships, and helping us become a bigger food destination.
We were fortunate that we had implemented Olo prior to the COVID-19 outbreak ... I wouldn't know what to do at this point, if we didn't have Olo in place to drive sales through our own internal channels.

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Integrate marketplace orders with Rails.