Deliver personalized guest experiences


Open rate on automated welcome emails


Re-order rate from automated reminders for takeout


Of guests drive ~30% of total revenue

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Marketing Guide

Learn how to leverage guest data from across your restaurant tech stack to fuel your marketing campaigns, drive sales across channels, and do more with less.


Make every guest feel like a regular by delivering personalized guest experiences at scale with a multichannel marketing platform specifically designed for restaurants.

Olo Marketing empowers brands to inspire loyalty with personalized marketing tools that use holistic data to identify and incentivize ideal guest behaviors and drive guest lifetime value (GLV).

Powerful guest segmentation
Multichannel campaign management
Automated guest journeys
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Profitable acquisition and retention
MARKETING features

Seamlessly reach and engage guests

Do more with less using robust segmentation and hyper-relevant messaging to decrease guest acquisition costs and improve guest frequency and retention.

Build real-time, customizable segments to tailor messaging to guest behavior

Launch captivating email, SMS/MMS, and push notification campaigns from one dashboard

Leverage generative AI to quickly craft engaging brand-aligned copy 

Create lookalikes of high-GLV guests to reach and convert new audiences

Analyze actionable guest insights

Unified campaign and guest survey analytics make it easy to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing messaging and measure what is impacting guest satisfaction.

Optimize marketing campaigns to the brand touchpoints that drive GLV

Measure orders and sales lift with automated email campaign reporting

Learn what is inspiring guest activity with on-demand engagement and deliverability reporting

Fuel growth and take action to prevent churn using machine-learning-powered predictive analytics

Learn and improve with campaign data

Orchestrate elevated guest journeys using prebuilt and customizable marketing automations that deliver the right message, at the right time, on the right channel.

Develop custom campaigns for each guest based on their unique behavior—no SQL required

Architect guest journeys using a guided automation builder or our library of prebuilt automations

Capture guests’ attention with dynamic content personalization 

Create cohesive local marketing campaigns across all of your locations

Proactive reputation management

Monitor, identify, and resolve guest issues across all locations before they negatively impact sales and your brand’s reputation.

Actively solicit feedback using automated guest surveys

Use AI-powered sentiment analysis to understand brand favorability

Identify areas where additional store training and resources are needed

Capture first-party data by adding an email or SMS marketing opt-in checkbox on Olo-powered forms

Customers who use Marketing

Leveraging the insights surfaced from our unified guest data, we were able to identify the optimal time to re-engage guests who typically ordered online. The spike in sales after receiving our automated email speaks volumes.

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Personalize your guest communications with Marketing.