Drive direct digital sales


Ownership of guest data


Increase in same store sales YoY (2019)


Amount of guest data captured with on-premise ordering

Direct Ordering Ebook

Direct Ordering Ebook

Discover how to maximize your restaurant revenue across channels, unlock actionable guest data, and grow your business with this comprehensive direct ordering ebook.


Building a branded online ordering experience shouldn’t be hard.

Discover why traditional restaurant brands and virtual concepts rely on our powerful ordering platform to maximize profitability, streamline operations, and meet guests where they are.

Scales with your restaurant
Integrates with existing systems
Enterprise-grade platform
Easy to set up and manage


Your brand, your data

Offer a unique, direct ordering experience that gives guests the ability to order now or later from any platform, including Google, using their preferred handoff method. Guests get the freedom of choice, while you maintain full data ownership to power business decisions and growth.





Easily manage orders

Keep operations running smoothly by tracking online orders from anywhere in your restaurant—back-of-house with Dashboard or front-of-house with Expo. Monitor performance, process refunds, check order statuses, and more.

Optimize dine-in

Enable guests to scan a QR code to access your menu, place an order, and pay for a meal, all from their own mobile device.

Boost revenue

Increase staff efficiency and satisfaction

Improve order accuracy and table turnover speed

Grow restaurant database

Configure your menu and pricing

Control your menu, item availability, pricing, and store hours from a single dashboard with brand- and location-level settings. Encourage guests to order more, and more frequently, with upsells, featured items, and LTOs.

Additional benefits

API and webhook library

Coupon manager

Order throttling capabilities

Robust reports and analytics

Personalized deployment

Support for virtual brands

Ongoing feature improvements

Branded front end

Optional premium features

Dedicated support team

Customers who use Ordering

Our goal all along has been to improve the guest experience and grow market share with online ordering. Olo has really helped us shape that vision and build toward it.
Olo has helped us tremendously by serving as a centralized hub for all of our digital ordering platforms. This central ordering allows our team to see trends at a systemwide level while simplifying the lift for our operators.
The speed to market and the true partnership that we’ve fostered over this short time have made Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s digitally relevant. As we look toward the future and define our roadmap, we can count on Olo.
QR code ordering has provided many advantages. Guests feel well taken care of, like they’re in a full-service restaurant, leave higher tips, and return more often. Staff, in turn, feel appreciated and less stressed.
Olo has created a frictionless guest experience at Family Express. It has streamlined the online ordering process, enabled us to make menu changes on the fly, and made it much easier for employees to manage incoming orders.

Restaurant growth starts here

Drive direct sales with Ordering.

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