Turn guest data into action


Of your restaurant revenue is driven by 20% of guests


Of guests in one unified view


Data silos caused by fragmented tech solutions

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Learn how to leverage guest data from across your restaurant tech stack to fuel your marketing campaigns, drive sales across channels, and do more with less.


GDP, our restaurant-focused Customer Data Platform (CDP), helps accelerate revenue growth by enabling guest-data-driven decisions in every layer of your organization.

Leading hospitality brands use GDP to seamlessly collect, analyze, and act on guest data in real-time from dozens of restaurant-specific systems.

Own and control your guest data
Unify and enrich guest profiles
Make insights available to all
No data silos or vendor lock-in

Collect and connect your guest data

Scale your first-party data collection with unified guest profiles that capture and merge transactional, behavioral, demographic, and offline data for known and unknown guests from dozens of sources, including:


Online ordering

Loyalty programs

Payment processors

Reservations and waitlist

Website and mobile app

Email and SMS

Surveys and reviews

Analyze and predict guest behavior

Gain a deeper understanding of guest behavior and learn what drives acquisition, retention, frequency, and guest lifetime value (GLV) for your business. And with machine-learning-powered predictive analytics, you can proactively optimize the guest experience and prevent churn.

Act on your guest data to drive results

Power elevated, personalized guest experiences by seamlessly pushing your unified guest data throughout the Olo Engage suite and other destinations that inform your business, operations, and marketing decisions.

Optimize your menu to frequency and retention

Identify real estate sites near profitable guests

Recognize and train staff that inspire guest loyalty

Create hyper-targeted ads and guest experiences

Build meaningful 1:1 guest relationships

Tailor every guest interaction and communication to their unique preferences—based on order history, dietary restrictions, visit frequency, engagement, and more—to drive GLV.

Restaurant growth starts here

Collect, analyze, and act on data with GDP.