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Kwik Trip is a family-owned convenience store company with more than 700 locations across the Midwest. To meet the ever-evolving needs of guests and streamline operations in an increasingly competitive market, the brand teamed up with Olo to offer mobile ordering for carryout and curbside pickup through its Kwik Rewards app, as well as third-party delivery. Since launching Olo, Kwik Trip has seen its digital sales and off-premise order volume skyrocket. At the same time, the brand has streamlined operations, improved order accuracy, reduced manual work and stress for employees, and strengthened its relationship with guests.


Increase in digital sales


Increase in order volume


Increase in third-party delivery


Increase in check size


Since 1965, Kwik Trip has been focused on doing right by the communities it serves. So when the restaurant industry successfully pivoted to off-premise, Kwik Trip saw an opportunity to offer similar services to its convenience store guests.

By leveraging Olo for carryout, curbside pickup, and delivery, the brand could cater to guests that crave its assortment of dairy, kitchen, and bakery offerings but are short on time and/or would prefer not to walk inside.

One of Kwik Trip’s biggest challenges prior to Olo was managing orders from delivery service providers across multiple tablets and manually entering each third-party transaction at the register. The process was difficult to train, confusing for employees, and left a lot of room for error.

To help solve those pain points, Kwik Trip first implemented Rails. Shortly thereafter, the brand launched Ordering for carryout and curbside and recently added Dispatch.

Results with Olo


Experience using Ordering

Guests can now order ahead for carryout or curbside pickup right from their Kwik Rewards app. By enabling people to order direct, Kwik Trip now owns its relationship with guests and can analyze behavior, solicit feedback, and market more effectively. Additionally, the brand has seen an increase in the number of guests ordering large, prepared meals like hot pizza and fried chicken, instead of traditional grab-and-go items like sandwiches or hamburgers.


Experience using Rails

Rails has enabled Kwik Trip to add more third-party partners and manage all of its marketplace orders from a single dashboard, eliminating the need for several in-store tablets, multi-system training, and manual entry of each transaction at the register. Employees now have more time to focus on guests and other responsibilities. Additionally, order accuracy has improved and the brand no longer has to worry about transactions being entered incorrectly or lost altogether.


Experience using Dispatch

To further incentivize guests to order direct and expand its reach, Kwik Trip recently launched Dispatch. By integrating third-party delivery couriers to native online orders, Dispatch has allowed Kwik Trip to offer convenient, branded delivery without the hassle of managing its own drivers or contracts with multiple delivery service providers.

Mobile ordering is pretty new for Kwik Trip and the entire convenience store industry. Olo exceeded our expectations by solving several pain points, including multiple third-party tablets and order management issues, while also streamlining operations, allowing us to own our guest relationships, and helping us become a bigger food destination. Week over week, we have not plateaued yet for sales dollars or order volume.
David Jackson, Digital Marketing and Loyalty Manager
Kwik Trip

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