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For over 30 years, Bahama Buck’s has been dedicated to creating the “Ultimate Tropical Dessert Experience” for each guest. The franchise, specializing in shaved ice, smoothies, and more, approached Olo in 2018 after their existing online ordering platform could not meet their needs when it came to branding, menu customization, delivery, and tech integrations. Since simultaneously rolling out Olo Ordering, Dispatch, and Expo systemwide in March of 2021, online ordering sales have skyrocketed and several operational pain points have been eliminated.


Growth in online sales, year over year


Increase in average ticket on Olo vs. on-premise


Higher delivery order size vs. pickup orders


Of catering orders have shifted online


Prior to working with Olo, Bahama Buck’s tested the waters of online ordering and found that those guests have a higher average ticket. But the ordering flow wasn’t branded, the menu appeared overwhelming, and the overall user experience was poor. The brand saw an opportunity to optimize its online ordering experience, prioritize direct sales, and capitalize on the growing demand for delivery with Olo.

Results with Olo


Experience Using Ordering

Using our Serve front end, Bahama Buck’s now has a uniquely branded ordering site that’s easy for guests to navigate. Through our platform's robust menu management tools, their team can effectively showcase its 100+ flavors, endless modifiers, and catering options with mouthwatering imagery.


Experience Using Dispatch

The brand has the competitive advantage of offering delivery through its website while also enabling guests to maximize their digital loyalty through Dispatch. Leveraging Olo’s partner integrations, data from online orders and delivery is synced with Bahama Buck’s POS and loyalty program, giving the brand a more holistic view of each guest’s journey so that they can better serve them.


Experience Using Expo

With the large influx of online orders, Expo has enabled the Bahama Buck’s team to successfully manage and streamline order volume. Specifically, it has given crew members the ability to prepare large catering orders in a timely manner. Expo has also minimized third-party delivery issues by helping operators identify them early and by providing resources to resolve them quickly.

We’re really grateful to the Olo team and the guidance they provided us through this process. The team did an incredible job of helping us meet every one of our objectives, and the post-launch support has also been very helpful. I can’t say enough about how prompt and stellar the Olo team is. You set the bar high.
Caroline Petty, Brand Development Manager
Bahama Buck's

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