Aug 28, 2023
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Team Olo Spotlight: Sherri Manning

This article outlines:

An introduction to our new Chief People Officer, Sherri Manning

Sherri's favorite aspects of Olo’s culture—and how we can keep fostering community

Her takeaways from working at other rapid-growth tech companies


This week, we’re spotlighting the newest addition to our Executive Team, Chief People Officer Sherri Manning.

Sherri brings 20 years of experience leading People and Culture initiatives for globally recognized companies and late-stage startups, including, most recently, BigCommerce.

Keep reading to learn what drew her to the role, the lessons she learned while working in HR at other fast-growing tech companies, and how she aims to enhance Olo’s company culture.


What attracted you to this role?  

I was drawn to Olo—and, specifically, the position of Chief People Officer—for a few reasons. For one, the company culture is caring, engaged, and collaborative. I’m also energized by the leadership team, the business opportunity, and Noah’s exciting and disruptive vision.

Have you identified any areas for growth in Olo's company culture? 

I’m interested in keeping and enhancing Olo’s wonderful culture and foundation of values. To do that, I want to partner with the People + Culture team and other employees to determine how we scale our culture and values in this changing environment of operating as a public, high-growth, geographically distributed company.


How will you apply your learnings from previous roles to Olo?  

Leading HR at rapid-growth SaaS tech companies has been an exhilarating career experience. Some of the lessons learned that I look forward to sharing with the Olo team include agility in scaling, crisis management, cultural preservation, employee retention in high-pressure environments, adaptive compensation strategies, and enhanced cross-functional collaboration.

What's your vision for the People + Culture team?

The P+C team promises to support and guide as we attract, retain, develop, and inspire a diverse group of employees who execute Olo’s vision and business plans.

How can remote-friendly companies like Olo foster community among employees? 

Fostering a community in a remote-friendly environment requires intentionality, creativity, and consistent effort. However, when done well, the results can be as impactful as those in traditional office settings. 

There are many ways to do that, including holding regular virtual meetings, virtual team-building activities, dedicated chat channels, mentorship programs, feedback mechanisms, peer recognition programs, collaboration tools, and shared values and goals. 

I'm confident that we have the right people involved to help us continue to “up our game” at Olo in this new era of remote and hybrid work.

To learn more about Team Olo and apply for one of our remote-friendly job openings, visit our careers page.

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