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With just over 80 locations spanning 16 states as well as Ontario, Canada, Zoup! Eatery is the leading fast-casual soup and broth restaurant concept serving “Good, Really Good” soups, sandwiches, salads, as well as grain bowls, broth bowls, and organic craft beverages. Acknowledging the ever-growing importance of online commerce, Zoup! partnered with Olo to attempt to increase its 5% digital sales baseline. In the short time since launching with Olo, Zoup! continues to not only continuously build on its digital commerce, but refocus its customer experience to direct channels.


Digital sales growth since Olo launch


Increase in average delivery ticket vs in-person


Zoup! had aspirations of expanding both its digital presence, as well as its guest experience, but was dealing with barriers of an inflexible legacy online ordering program. Zoup! partnered with Olo for a refresh of its online commerce. Zoup! implemented Olo in stages, starting with Ordering, integrating a new app, and eventually enabling Dispatch and Rails. The brand's strategy was to take an iterative approach, measure the impact of the different initiatives, and continue to successfully shift its digital bottom line.

Results with Olo


Boost in Revenue and Retention

In the short time since launching with Olo in July 2019, Zoup! has taken full advantage of the Olo platform, continuing to see growth in digital profits and guest retention.


Soaring Delivery Sales

In addition to offering pickup options, Zoup! strengthened its delivery experience with Dispatch and Rails and has seen digital sales soar from 5% to 25% of total sales.


Own the Guest Experience

Doubling down on its efforts to increase brand awareness and guest retargeting, Zoup! has successfully implemented new marketing campaigns and promotions to own the guest experience and drive more of its sales through direct channels.

Our partnership with Olo has given us the ability to leverage the entire platform, which has improved the guest experience and drastically increased our digital sales. With Olo as a partner, Zoup! will benefit from the forward-thinking of the Olo team and stay ahead of market demands.
Jason Valentine, President & COO
Zoup! Eatery

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