In 2017, Carolina-based fast-casual chain Showmars launched an online ordering program for the first time. The leadership team knew delivering a best-in-class experience was important for long-term growth. The brand turned to Olo and digital sales have been growing ever since.


Monthly order volume growth


Monthly delivery growth


Showmars knew a strong digital presence had the potential to become a significant part of their business when they approached Olo in 2017. Offering added convenience was a necessity to grow the brand and bring in new guests. The brand took a holistic approach to the program by investing heavily in marketing and carefully training kitchen teams to focus on delivering a great experience for digital guests.

Results with Olo


Incremental Digital Sales

The brand kicked off the digital program with online ordering, which allowed it to gauge demand and grow sales incrementally through targeted marketing and promotional efforts.


Exponential Delivery Growth

The brand saw tremendous growth in delivery orders after launching the program in 2019.


Order Volume Increase

With the new online ordering program, Showmars saw its monthly order volume go up. And, as a result, the brand continues to deploy new offerings through Olo, growing sales along the way.

Olo has truly jump-started our to-go platform by streamlining the process and enhancing the guest experience. We have been thrilled with our guest response, and it is obvious that the ease of ordering is encouraging repeat business. We are especially happy with our relationships at Olo and appreciated meeting all of our timeline goals for integration.
Dean Peroulas, CEO

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