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Ready’s technology allows guests to order and pay their check on their phone with no wait, no sign-up, and no app download. From hotels to restaurants to stadiums, guests can use QR codes or mobile devices to make ordering seamless wherever they’re seated. Offering connected dining experiences for both on- and off-premise, customers use Ready to drive revenue, optimize capacity, and provide solutions that work best for their guests.


increase in new customers


paid in 2022


Prior to using the Omnivore API, Ready faced resourcing and compatibility issues which created excessive manual workloads on its team. Hospitality customers used a variety of POS systems requiring unique integrations to be built for each scenario. The lack of a single connection led to data fragmentation and more maintenance requirements. After a few months of integration work to connect to the Omnivore API, and minimal effort from Ready’s small development team, they were able to efficiently expand the serviceable market and reach new customers using any Omnivore-supported POS system. Now, instead of maintaining multiple integrations, Ready can direct resources toward product enhancements and development of new go-to-market solutions.

Results with Olo


Operational efficiency

Leveraging the Omnivore API’s unified POS integration improved all touchpoints along the order journey. Kitchens now receive instant order information allowing food to come out fresh and on time. Plus, improved order accuracy significantly lowers cancellation rates, comps, and reorders.


Broader reach

Most of Ready’s existing customers are supported through the Omnivore API, making it easier to process order data and streamline operations. Additionally, a universal integration opens up more ways to work with new customers and grow their business.


Automate time-consuming tasks

With less time allocated to manual maintenance, Ready can focus on product enhancements that help both customers and their guests. Countless hours have been saved since launch, eliminating the need to add more staff simply to handle tedious tasks. The importance of this can’t be understated as it reduces unnecessary work on the team allowing them to do more with less.

The Omnivore API provides rock-solid integrations to the POS ecosystem and allows companies like ours to innovate, iterate, and create products and services on top of a strong foundation.
Garrett Rogers, Chief Innovation Officer

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