Pei Wei



Pei Wei Asian Kitchen, the leading fresh Pan-Asian fast-casual restaurant, knew the potential of digital ordering and commerce, but did not feel confident promoting the existing homegrown program. After evaluating the existing in-house system, Pei Wei switched to Olo and Punchh with the aim of reversing declining digital sales.


Lift in digital sales in the first 90 days


Higher ticket size for online orders


A tenth of Pei Wei’s sales were coming from digital, but that number was on the decline due to underwhelming performance from the existing program. The homegrown solution lacked a seamless integration and many of Pei Wei's digital orders didn’t even transfer through successfully to the restaurant. A clunky user experience in the purchase process led to orders lost in the shuffle, unfulfilled at the restaurant.

Results with Olo


Quick and Seamless Implementation

Pei Wei implemented re-engineered online ordering and loyalty in an effort to regain guests’ trust in and affinity for the brand. The entire tech stack was launched in just over two months.


Digital Sales Soar

The brand is up to 28% digital sales, skyrocketing from 8% at launch.


Boost in Spending and Data

Digital guests spend more per order and provide powerful data through loyalty integration.

We had to choose a partner that would not only help us get up-to-speed with guest expectations but also help us to build toward the future. Digital sales have climbed to the highest levels ever for the organization.
Chris Andrews, VP of Information Technology
Pei Wei

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