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Denver-based Modern Market Eatery has been bringing artisan scratch-made food to adoring guests since 2009. Modern Market approached Olo after outgrowing a legacy online ordering program. Since deploying with Olo in the fall of 2018, overall off-premise sales have increased dramatically and guest satisfaction has risen with the rollout of a custom-built UX on top of Olo’s APIs.


Average ticket for delivery orders


Higher average ticket for delivery (vs. in-store)


Modern Market approached Olo after outgrowing a legacy online ordering program. With 16% of sales coming from online ordering, the brand looked to reach more of its digitally savvy demographic. The team also saw the gravitational pull toward delivery and viewed it as a way to reach guests spread out geographically and unable to come in for a visit.

Results with Olo


Online Sales Soar

The brand has increased online sales by 48% in under a year since deploying Olo.


Boost in Guest Demand

Modern Market and Olo worked together to integrate the new digital ordering platform with its partner ecosystem. The brand attributes its soaring success to investing in the right marketing infrastructure to drive demand to heavily promote Dispatch and a delivery microsite through email, social, PR, and other channels.


Well-Positioned for Future Growth

Modern Market actively works to build new habits with guests through re-marketing and targeted offers. Company goals are in place to keep marching toward 75% digital mix.

We’ve had guests asking for years about the ability to create group orders. Through our partnership with Olo, we’ve been able to accomplish this, and we’re thrilled about it.
Erinn McCully, Director of Off-Premise
Modern Market

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