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Family Express operates more than 80 convenience stores throughout Northwest and North Central Indiana. Founded in 1975, the brand prides itself on providing exceptional service to its guests by hiring friendly employees, serving custom food items like made-to-order pizza, breakfast bowls, and boneless wings, and leveraging cutting-edge technology throughout its operation. Since launching Ordering in 2019, Family Express has further strengthened its relationship with guests by creating a frictionless ordering experience both off-premise and via in-store kiosk. The brand has seen tremendous growth in digital sales and online order volume. Guests are placing online orders more frequently and spending more during each transaction.


Increase in digital revenue


Increase in the number of orders


Increase in average basket size


Before teaming up with Olo, Family Express used an online ordering system that created a number of pain points. Any time the brand wanted to modify the menu, they had to contact a representative and the process could take weeks. The dashboard was bare bones, not user-friendly, and lacked reporting.

Additionally, there was no API that they could integrate to and the white-label interface created a poor guest experience. After vetting a half dozen solutions, Family Express chose Olo for three main reasons. First and foremost, the brand wanted a partner that was willing to integrate into its tech ecosystem and play well with other vendors. Olo’s API, thorough API documentation, and open SaaS platform were exactly what Family Express needed to get fully set up with its custom app and existing loyalty provider.

Secondly, the brand was hyper-focused on creating a seamless ordering experience for guests, regardless of whether they chose to order online through a desktop computer or on their phone, through the mobile app, or via an in-store kiosk. And finally, Family Express knew that in order to optimize and scale its online ordering program effectively, it would need robust reporting and analytics.

Results with Olo


Real-Time Menu Changes

With Olo’s user-friendly menu management tool, the brand can now make real-time modifications to its menu based on feedback from guests and employees and freely expand its culinary offerings.


Seamless Order Management

The Olo Dashboard enables in-store employees to easily manage the flow of online orders, along with an audible alert in the kitchen and an automated printout each time a new order is placed. By allowing people to order and pay for food and drinks ahead of time, there is a quicker turnaround time in the store and a shorter line at the register, which benefits both guests and employees.


Actionable Guest Data

Last but not least, with a fully integrated tech stack, Family Express can now focus on growing its online ordering program by leveraging first-party data—including order history, visit frequency, and behavior—to create 1:1 marketing campaigns to drive digital sales and engagement.

Olo has created a frictionless guest experience at Family Express. When guests order and pay online, they can customize their meals more easily and simply grab their food and go once they get here. From an operational standpoint, it has streamlined the online ordering process, enabled us to make menu changes on the fly, and made it much easier for employees to manage incoming orders.
Thierry Lyles, Digital Marketing Manager
Family Express

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