Jun 27, 2024
James Rooney
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2023 ESG Report: A Year of Progress

This article outlines:

An introduction to ESG at Olo

Highlights from Olo’s second annual ESG Report

What’s next for ESG at Olo


We are proud to release Olo’s second annual ESG report, which supports and advances our environmental, social, and governance impact efforts. 

In 2022, we underwent our first materiality assessment to understand the ESG areas our company and stakeholders care about most. In 2023, the foundational pillars we identified —People & Culture, Community Impact, Environmental Sustainability, and Responsible & Ethical Growth—shaped and informed our initiatives, strategic direction, and reporting.

This second annual report details Olo’s overall approach to ESG and our progress toward our goals from Jan. 1–Dec. 31, 2023, unless otherwise noted. 


Highlights include: 

  • Donated $1.34 million to 19 nonprofit organizations through Olo For Good
  • Held 90+ meet-ups across 28 regions to encourage teamwork across our business
  • Increased participation in Olo Ties—our mentorship program supporting women and people of color—by 54% year-over-year
  • 78% of employees volunteered, donated, or both via our donation-matching and VTO programs
  • Added “belonging” as a focus area within our DEIB strategy
  • Developed a climate strategy, roadmap, and goals to define and guide our efforts
  • Offset 2023 travel greenhouse gas emissions

Read Olo's 2023 ESG Report


We are proud to share our continuing efforts and developments but recognize the long road ahead. 

Moving forward, we see sustainable development as critical to the future of the hospitality industry and are excited about the role Olo will play. 

We remain committed to leveraging our platform to drive positive change and advocating for our employees, customers, communities, and the planet in every aspect of our business. And we promise to be transparent about our progress.

Visit our ESG page for more information. Contact our ESG team with any feedback or questions about our ESG program and initiatives.

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